2003-01-27 - 1:18 p.m.

Imagine this. I meet this guy at the mall who I'd say is 21-22 and he has one of his FRIENDS walk up to me and tell me he thinks I'm cute. I did this sort of thing in 5th grade. But I'm like ok, maybe he's just shy. He was pretty good looking. We exchange numbers and I get about 20 hang up calls later that night, which I later found out was him from caller ID. He finally says something instead of hanging up and asks me to go out with him that night. 'Just to hang out' he says. I don't have anything to do that night, so I agree even though he's already kind of annoying me. He shows up at my door in neon green hawaiian shorts and a button down shirt with Martini glasses for buttons...in DECEMBER. Ok, so maybe his fashion sense isn't up to date, maybe we'll just stay here. Then he pulls a bag out of his truck with a bottle of Tequila Gold and brand new shotglasses with the OSBOURNE FAMILY on them. He says he bought them for me at the mall, because I 'seem like the kind of girl who can really appreciate a classic show like the Osbournes'. Uhuh, okay. I figure I'll just use him for his Tequila and complain of feeling sick and go in at this point. I take about 10 shots and I'm feeling pretty good, so I say I'm getting tired and I'm going to go in. So he leans over the bench and tries to shove his hands down my pants while stimuntaneously trying to stick his tongue down my throat. Don't you love how guys do that? It never works. So I stand up quickly and he grabs the top of my jeans and rips them in the momentum of me standing so quickly. He bent down and looked at the size tag and says 'Holy shit, size 7?! You don't LOOK that fat' I make a disgusted sound and proceed to pick up the bottle of Tequila and throw it in his face. I take off inside and listen outside my door for his truck to start. He finally leaves. When I go out there in the morning he'd left a note saying 'I had a great time, let's get together again sometime!' and left me his addresss. 'Just incase' Right.



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