2003-01-27 - 11:16 a.m.

I met a guy on-line. He seemed pretty interesting so we exchanged numbers. We talked on the phone & set a date to go out. He promied me all this cool,amazing stuff we were going to do. That never happened. Fast Forward,after dinner we are sitting in the car not going anywhere . Him trying desperately to kiss me. I told him,I didn't want to. Not just yet. He continued through-out the entire date to call me a bitch. Just because I didn't want to kiss or hold hands. So,we go to the drive-inn & I get sleepy. I closed my eyes & laid there for awhile. I guess he thought I was asleep because he began to molest me. I just laid there frozen. I got scared to think what would happen if I had "awaken". He even took my hand & jerked himself off with it. Taking napkins to wipe off his splooge. When I came to,I asked him why the seat was so far back & he tried to convince me that I did it while I was asleep!! When we arrived at my house he had the audacity to try & kiss me. I put my hand in his face & said,"Didn't you get enough of me while I was sleeping?"

I just got out of the car.



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