2004-02-13 - 9:03 p.m.

This wasn't exactly a date from hell, but it wasn't the best either.

My boyfriend had said something about going to the movies that Friday. Now this boy never took me anwhere. In the beginning of our relationship we went to a lot of parties or to hang out at people's houses, but we never went anywhere with just the two of us. And lately he'd been flaking out on pretty much everything. When Friday came around I only half-expected him to show up. At 8 o'clock I jumped in the shower, and while I was in there he showed up. So I had to rush out and get dressed because guess what? His friend's little brother and HIS girlfriend were going with us! This was a surprise to me.

So I was kind of upset about that... and about being rushed out of the shower because he'd never called me beforehand. And he was acting like it was my fault we were late.

The movie sucked.

After that we headed home. He dropped off the other girl. Then he dropped me off, and THEN he brought our friend's brother home. I was at LEAST expecting that he'd drop me off last and come in for a while. But nope.

He dumped me not long after that. I wonder what the hell his problem was.



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