2004-01-08 - 8:56 p.m.

At a time when I was going out of my room for more purposes than for feeding...I went to this club and met this guy. It was nice, he bought me a drink and we made out. Next week was the same procedure. Then, a fatal Monday, he called me and we were supposed to meet up that evening.

I waited for like half an hour on a pervert crowded street, talking on the phone with a friend to pass the time. A couple of 40year olds passed me, murmured something dirty and then spent 15minutes staring at me at a 3m distance. When the guy finally came...OH MY FUCKING GOD...he was worse than ugly. First, he was dressed like a complete pimp, leather jacket, gold chain and all....Let me say that when I made out with him he was wearing some kind of hat which really suited him and it was DARK. This time he came without any type of hat and....I like my guys to have some fucking hair!!! So we go into a McDonald's ((I don't eat junk food)) and he tries to buy me all the damn menus which I DONT want. Then he meets this long-lost buddy who's working as a security guard at this McDonalds and off they are....talking for another fucking 30minutes. Finally we're out, they're still talking, I look longily at the nearest metro station. When the two bastards finally quit chatting, I say I gotta get home and head for the metro hoping I'll get rid of him and be able to think about something nice like killing myself on me way home. But nooooooo.......he goes into the metro with me and we sit there for another 20minutes in complete fucking silence and finally when I get to my stop I get away with a peck on the cheek.

A quarter of an hour later I get a call from this pimp....checking on if I got home OK. I haven't picked up his calls since November. He's still calling me at times. Now I simply don't turn my mobile on.

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