2004-01-08 - 12:55 p.m.

Not a date but close, a blown date. Couplea years ago when I was a senior in college my folks decided to take my bratty teen brother and go to Hawaii for Spring Break. I elected to stay home instead because I was trying to gear up for the last part of my last semester, figured I'd read ahead and study in peace with the entire family out of the house. Hang out around the pool, tan, drink and study.

After my family left I'd casually invited this guy, Craig, I liked over to come swimming one afternoon. First date kinda thing, he liked me but I could tell he was too shy to actually ask me out so I suggested he come swiming at the house. Picked a day and time, I gave him directions to the house and thought nothing more of it.

He was supposed to show up about 3 so not long after lunch I decided to take a study break, have a beer and break out BOB, my battery-operated boyfriend, to help me relieve my, uhh, tension.

Okay, so it's like almost two hours before he's due to arrive, I figure a little clown punching, a shower and get ready, right? Right. I'm on my bed having a grand old time with BOB and my own perverted fantasies. Hot spring day in southern cali - window open, me moaning when the doorbell chimes and I have to seize and desist what I'm doing and frantically scramble for clothing.

Grab a sundress from teh foot of my bed, put it on, and rush, rush, RUSH down the staircase to the front door. Craig is standing at the front door, WAYY too early for our date and he looks weirded out, he's staring at me oddly. He comes in, we make awkward small talk for a while before he suddenly comes up with somewhere else he has to be.

It wasn't until he left that I looked in the mirror and realized my dress was on inside out. He avoided me on campus from then on and I heard later that he was telling his pals he caught me screwing some other guy right before our date. I wonder what he would have thought had he realized I was just having a bit of solo fun.

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