2003-11-01 - 4:26 p.m.

A few years back I agreed to go on a "date" with a guy that worked in my building. I was not really interested in him, but agreed to go as a friend. He said he had gotten great tickets through work to a pre-season football game and gave me directions to his house to meet him after work that day.

The directions were a little off - meaning it seemed as though he was confusing lefts with rights, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and eventually found the place. He wasn't there so I waited in my car on the street for about 15 min. He showed up and showed me inside where he left me waiting in the front room while he got stuff together and chatted on the phone. Finally we left in his car and he proceeded to stop to get MORE beer. We stopped at his friend's house and followed them to the game, lost them, and ended up arriving part way through the first quarter.

We got some food and settled into our NOSEBLEED seats. Shortly after eating he proceeded to fall asleep and his head would start bobbing and he would lean on me. Not far into the third quarter I woke him up and said I was ready to go. Only problem was, once we got outside he had no clue where he parked the car. I thought I remembered the letter/number combo of the area, but he wasn't convinced so we walked all the way around the entire stadium twice - before having a staff person try to find the car for us. When we finally found it - it was pretty much right in the area that I thought it was. At this point, my feet are killing me, I can't stand him, and just want to go home. We get in the car and he asks "ready to hit the clubs?" - I couldn't believe he was serious and told him just to take me home.

How does a guy fall asleep at a football game???? Loser!



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