2003-11-02 - 11:29 p.m.

went on a date with this guy from India. We met at a restaurant. We got there and he leaves for like 15 min. to drive to some quicky market to buy me a rose. Sure it's sweet but he could have done it before he got there. Also he had me waiting thinking he took off on me. He also had no clue what to order cause it was American food so I ordered for him. He ate nothing but was looking at me the whole time trying to grab my hand as though he was in love with me. Yeah, right! Afterward we went walking around to shop and this guy kept looking at me and smothering me with his hands. I finally had to push him away and tell him to lay off. He still didn't listen. Finally I had enough. I thought this guy thinks American girls are easy. I made some excuse for having to go, I practically had to run to my car and was struggling to shut the door on him as he is trying his hardest to convince me to stay. I finally had to slam the car door in his face and I sped off.



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