2003-03-29 - 3:24 p.m.

This isn't exactly a blind date story but rather one getting to the blind date. I actually ran an ad in the personals titled "Creative and Crazy". It just told what I liked to do plus the fact that I am C&C. The newspaper folks called to talk to me out of curiosity because they said I had had 375 responses which was a new record. But, I digress. In order not to get myself into hot water, I would have a number of phone conversations to try to gey acquainted and see if we had anything in common. If we were mutually interested, would arrange to meet at a local, wel-lit and very public restaurant for coffee at an early hour, like 6 PM. There were a lot of guys I was having coffee with at the same rest, same time, 3 or 4 times a week. One evening the manager came over sat down beside me and very quietly said he would never critisize anyone's lifestyle choices but they would greatly appreciate it if I would "move my business elsewhere". I blanked for a second and the it hit my feeble mind that they thought I was a hooker. My face lit up the night sky as my laughter rumbled plates off the tables. When I finally stopped howling (which had degenerated to tears by this time) I explained about the ad etc. Needless to say the manager was mortified, especially since I couldn't stop giggling the whole time he was apologizing. BTW I did mean two really nice guys, one of whom I dated for a while, but also talked to some really scary people, and a lot of primordial ooze.

Actually that part of the experience was a kick. I met one guy who took me to dinner (after phone and coffee) who said ....so....when do you want to get married. I didn't stay for desert.

Another one I went out with twice said....want me to move in now or after we're married....

Then there was the circus acrobat.......he scared me on the phone.

Automatically discard without reading (after I read the first two) anything with a Reposa postmark. Found out that is the local prison. Amazing thing I learned is that all the criminals must be running around free out there cause there aren't any guilty people in that facility.

Then there was the really sweet guy that I actually dated for about 4 months (he even danced which is a major plus); was a wonderful, charming and fun person until I made the mistake of going with him to the wedding of one of his co-workers. After listening all afternoon and evening to "what a great couple we made...when are you two going to tie the knot etc.etc." he ruined a great relationship by wanting to get married. After 4 months.....come on, give me a break. I did that once, married a guy I only knew 3 months. Was the most destructive thing I ever did to myself!!! Bounced him to the curb after I caught him doing the nose candy trip at a party. See ya!!!

I gave up on personals after that. oh well......life is just around the corner, right.....



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