2003-03-29 - 3:21 p.m.

(Here is a red flag story) The stupidest thing I've ever done!!! But I lived through it!

Hi, okay here is another horror story. There was a guy I had been chattin' with on the internet and on the phone for a little while. I wasn't too excited or interested in him, but he insisted we get together and go for a drive. I told him I was really busy, but he said it wouldn't take that long.. I agreed and I had him pick me up at my place (first big mistake) but I lived with my brother, so felt pretty safe. Got in his old, Black Zcar (mistake number 2) and we sped off. His car was full of trash and he started to smoke. Ugh!! Gross!

He drove me to some park that was closed - it was dark out but he wanted to get out and walk around for some reason. Fortunately he didn't pay alot of attention to me, didn't ask me any questions or anything. I just thought, if I make it back home safely, I will be very thankful and much more careful from now on.

After him wondering around looking for trouble (I think), we drove off again.. On the way home he blasted "smack my b1tch up" ( I don't remember the name of the group, some techno song) on his radio!! Freaky!! I really thought he was going to murder me or something. He ended up dropping me off and I never saw him again. WHew! I was lucky!



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