2003-03-12 - 10:56 a.m.

My most recent bad date was something that I find humorous now but at the time, I wanted to slap the f*ck outta this guy. We decide to meet at a bar, mainly cause I didn't know him like that and was not going to trust going to his house or letting him know where I live. Anyway, I get to the bar, and wait forever for this guy to show. Normally, I would have left by then, but I was friends with the bartender so I kept myself entertained while I waited. He finally shows and sits down and TELLS me to buy him a drink. If he had asked.. maybe.. but nah.. you won't tell me to do anything and expect me to be nice about it. Anyway, he then goes on to flirt with another chick right in front of me. I got up to leave and he said he was just trying to see how I'd react (yeah right). The last thing he did was when we were picking a place to go eat. He asked me if I wanted to go to Joe's Crabshack. i told him that I was allergic to seafood and gave another idea of where we could go. This jerk said "well I really want to go to Joe's so we're going there". I told him that he can go to Joe's and I'll go where I wanted to go and left.

To make matters even worse, within a week, that jerk started a rumor saying how we got our freak on during the first date



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