2003-03-11 - 1:11 p.m.

I remember going on a date with this guy. He asked me if I wanted to go to a club and I said ok. Let me first say that I'm basically a "rock chick", but in the late 80's I detoured into goth (which I still love). He knew this about me as we had met in a rock club. So I dress my usual way, mostly black. I've got very dark hair and dark eyes, but very pale skin so the "vampire" look was pretty much what you got when I wore black. Anyway, he takes me to a disco. Girls with mile-high hair all looking like Madonna, guys in Saturday Night Fever wear, gold chains and all. Was I ever out of pace! He then proceeds to leave me at the bar for an hour (I later found out he ran into his ex). When he sees me next I'm on a pay-phone calling a cab because there is no way I'm staying. He gets all upset that I would "leave" and drives me home. As I'm jumping out of the car, he asks if he can see me again! I almost fell over at that one, and basically said no and went into the house.

I think I boycotted dating for about a year after that one.



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