2003-01-22 - 7:40 a.m.

Two more bad dates....the don'ts of what to do....

1) Take her on your first date to the Salvation Army to watch you try on other people's bizarre cast-offs before taking her for a fabulous meal at McDonalds. Tell her to order whatever she wants from the menum as long as it comes off the bargain menu and she doesn't exceed four bucks.

2) Have your ex-lover/ex-wife show up on your first date, drunk as a skunk, with all your children in tow and start irrationally screaming at both you and your date. After drunk ex passes out in the parking lot you and your lady-fair can take your filthy hysterically crying children to McDonalds for dinner. Call, call, call the woman and beg for another chance to take her out on a date, promise to take her to another town, one far enough away that your ex can't discover where you went. Don't give up until she says yes, if she refuses your calls just UPS or Fedex your begging "please forgive me" letters to her office



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