2003-01-22 - 1:11 p.m.

LOL. I think we should all compile a book together. How to prevent bad dating.

I had a slightly similar situation with a wacko guy in high school.

He would not stop fawning over me and wouldn't leave me alone for a second. By grade 11 I would try to avoid him at every op. But he'd find me. He was impossible to get rid of. You know the type. They even show up in your girls only gym class? Jeeze I use to fling elastic bands at his head just to get my irritation out. I guess he figured it was true love.

And you're so right, the more you insult the closer they come.

Then one day ~ nothing no more bothering. Which made me wonder what happened, but I didn't look into it to closely since I didn't want him to return. And about 3 weeks later my older brother comes up to me and says "is Ed bothering you anymore" I'm like "no why". He says "just making sure, I threatened to beat the living cr@p out of him if he ever came near you let alone touch you". Well that explains it all.

So then I go off to University, out of town and away from Ed for my first year. Second year I transfered back to the University in town and lo and behold there's Ed in some of my classes. He'd be calling me across the lecture halls and I'd pretend I didn't know him.

Funniest of all....two years ago I'm visiting my parents one Sunday lunch and my mom hands me this note with a telephone number on it with the name Ed. She says that he called and really really wanted to hear from me and that he called long distance from Alberta. She though I should call. I just threw the number away.

I have a feeling it's not over with.



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