2003-01-22 - 1:39 p.m.

ok i know i am a guy but i have to put my bad dating exp in here. i cant spell worth a darn and my grammer sucks if you dont like it dont read it.lol...i had this obsessive girl after me in highschool that would not leave me alone. she was goin around school telling all the girls i usually dated that i was off the market i was hers and hers alone. I wouldnt even give her the time of day but it didnt matter to her, she even went as far as telling everyone that she was preggo with my child, so of course no girl wanted anything to do with me. with my soccial life in crisis i agreed to go out with her, i picked her up at her house and we went to dinner in a differant town as i didnt want anyone to see me out with her, she was in her glory and i was starting to think my plan would fail. but i went ahead with it and here is what happened, i told her that i had heard the rumors of her preggo with my child and i looked deep into her eyes and said if you are preggo we might as well go get a room and have a long sexy night, as the damage has already been done. the look on her face was pricless, she started to stutter and said she had to go home as she wasnt feeling well, i told her that it was just morning sickness and it would pass in a few min, and it shouldnt get in the way of our long night of passion. she was very scared now and was on the verge of tears, we got in the car and i drove her straight home and told her that she would tell everyone at school the truth the next day or i was going to tell the whole school that we had a wild night of passion and that she was VERY kinky!!!! she never wanted another date.....



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