2003-01-20 - 3:03 p.m.

Years ago when I was single some of my friends set me up with someone that they all swore was a "good catch", single, educated, erudite, charming, owned his own home and working in upper management. The date started pleasantly enough but over dinner he started telling me about the "Great American Novel" he was in the middle of writing, about a man that was some white collar upper management type that liked to bump off women in his spare time because he was sexually impotent, only able to get excited by the murders. Needless to say this sort of put a damper on the remainder of the date, I couldn't wait to get home and lock the front door. He had the craziest look on his face when he recounted his writing and I had no intention of finding out if it was autobiographical. He kept bugging me for another date for six months before he got the hint that I wasn't interested



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