2003-11-23 - 3:30 p.m.

My date was more into himself than he was into me. He took me to a nightclub where he proceeded to take off every 5 minutes to check on his beloved truck and make sure it was "ok". Whenever he came back in, we had hardly anything to say to one-another. I was bored and irritated, but the night had only just begun!

I wandered over to the bar during one of his "runs" to check his vehicle for the millionth time. Some guy at the bar began talking to me, and I told him what a dud my date was. When dud date (unfortunately) found me at the bar, he and said guy began talking because somehow my dud date found a way to bring up his "career" as an athlete. Uh, ok. For atleast 15 minutes these two losers were standing right next to me shooting the shit about sports while I sat at the bar downing my drink hoping to FORGET this ever happened!

During this time, numerous other guys came by asking me why I was sitting there 'alone' and not dancing, or they would try to strike up conversation. The situation was so awkward that I had to tell each of them that my "date" was right next to me, engaged in conversation with some guy. All of them reacted the same way; "you're date is talking to a guy instead of YOU?!"

Not so much out of courtesy as simple desire to leave, I didn't accept anyone else's offers to go dance or talk elsewhere. The bartender also offered comfort to me, trying to find some humor in what was happening. The funniest part was everyone was talking about him and this guy LITERALLY two feet away from them, and they had NO clue. Idiots.

Finally he remembered I was there and asked me if I wanted to leave. Finally! I asked him to take me home, and he said that he needed to stop off for his gas card or some shit, because he didn't have enough gas. Whatever. So he manages to talk me into coming up and he asks me if I will just chill for a few minutes and talk to him. I'm not stupid, but I was stuck in a bad situation. I sat in his office chair, and he turned on the television as though it was time to get comfortable. WTF? I reminded him that I was waiting, and he starts saying that he's feeling buzzed and shouldn't be driving, why don't I spend the night..And he starts putting the moves on me.


Nice try..

I tell him I don't think so. His response? He proceedes to tell me that he hopes I don't mind, but he likes to be around his house naked- and he STRIPS down to nothing right there in front of me before I even know what's going on! Now, you'd ASSUME a guy this into himself would probably be well-endowed, and if you assumed this about him- you're wrong! Naturally in a situation like this, anyones' eye's would unwillingly go immediately south, and I witnessed what was probably the smallest thimble of a member that I had EVER seen in my LIFE.

That was the ONLY humor I found in that whole date, and needless to say I found my way out of there and NEVER ever spoke to that bastard again!



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