2003-03-02 - 7:14 p.m.

Let me see if I can top that one>

My last blind date told me the following things in succession:

1)At the restuarant where we met I was told I was not what she expected (I guess Tom Cruise was suppose to show up instead of me.)

2)My date asked what I did for a living and how much money did I make a year.

3) My date 'chewed on me' because she had been waiting for over a half hour in her car all alone and now she was late.

4) My date asked me if 'Applebees' was the best that I could do on a first date. Never mind the fact that she agreed to meet me at 'Applebees'.

5) My date then asked me if I expected her to pay for half of the dinner. I declined her invitation for paying her half.

6)At 830pm my date stood up to tell me she had to leave now simply because I was boring the hell out of her. I thought likewise...



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