2003-01-25 - 9:49 p.m.

One of the memorable bad dates... First date at this little dinky diner (his choice). The guy brings me a single rose - nice gesture, except the rose looked like it was about to die, or stood in the water for at least five days before getting into my hands.

Upon surveying the not-so-great menu of the place, I decide on their "specialty" salad. They bring me this absolutely enormous bowl, which of course is a no big deal, as I figure I'd eat only some of it. Upon seeing my salad the guy says: Are you really going to eat all this? Now this pissed me off right away because who the fuck are you, my food police? So I calmly said yes I would eat all of it. He looked almost offended. Like I took his own food from his mouth.

Our conversation progresses, and I find out that the guy has never been out of the U.S. Forget about out of the U.S., he's never been out of town period. He was born in that city and never left it. So I asked why, you never travelled anywhere? No he says, I am afraid of planes. I go how about trains? He's afraid of trains too. What if there is a train crush. So pretty much the only transportation he had experience with was a car, and he's also afraid of public transportation as it could easily get into an accident. Oh yeah. That was normal.

Then he suddenly said to me something to the effect of "you have nice boobs." Just like that, woven into conversation about his phobias. Like it was the most normal thing to say. It always amazes me how guys don't even bother to cover their crudeness and lust at least a little, at least on a first date! Where he's supposed to get to know me, not stare at my boobs!

Finally, after the lunch was finally over, we're ready to pay. I look at the bill (of course I was going to pay for myself, no other way), and I'm trying to figure out a tip, and he goes oh don't do that. Do what I say? He goes well, I don't believe in tips. I mean, why should waiters get tips? Being a waiter is their regular job after all, why should I give them even a buck more than what's on the bill? How classy. I ended up paying the tip.

As I was about to go to my car he tried to kiss me. I pulled away, and he said - with this great reassurance - well, I will see you soon! How about next week, at such and such day? I said oh, I think I'll be out of town next week. Flying on a PLANE. (Scary plane!)

He still tried to call me couple times before he finally bugged off. Ugh.



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