2003-10-29 - 9:26 p.m.

Okay, so his mom and my mom set us up on a blind date. He, geeky, pimply, brace-face, glasses and an abiding love of "Star Trek". Me, a stoner, Miss Rocknroll, liked guys with hair to their asshole. Horrible, horrible mismatch but my mom owed his mom a favor.

He took me to see Olivia Newton-John (or was it John-Newton? I told you I used to be a stoner) and tried to hold my hand. His hand kept sweating and he had halitosis, breathing noxious fumes into my face. I was bored and repulsed, I tried to smoke a joint on the way there only to get a Dare lecture.

Afterwards he told everyone at Central High that we were boyfriend and girlfriend and about our 'date' I thought I might have to leave town.



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