2003-10-26 - 10:17 p.m.

So my better half is after me to post a bad date here. Have had a bunch, like the chick that stood me up four times in a row and the gal that slept with all my frat brothers during one keg party at the frat house. But the whopper of all bad dates happened when I was so horny I let an ugly broad pick me up at the local library.

Minding my own business, reading a Sports Illustrated to kill time before work in the local public library when this woman with a face like a Bulldog came over to me and started talking out of the blue. Said she'd just moved to town and needed a friend that could show her the sights of New Orleans. I knew I could get laid easy so off we went.

And what a mistake that was, the sex was awful, the woman was hideous but worst of all she seemed to think one quick disgusting boff signaled that we were in love and I'd marry her, 'shudder'

Be careful where you dip your wick because shortly thereafter I discovered she'd given me the gift that keeps on giving, crabs. To add insult to injury she started calling my parents home and telling them she was my fiance.



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