2003-05-21 - 2:30 p.m.

I had this date with a guy I met at the restaurant I was working at. He seemed nice, brought me flowers, called me on the phone, had a good job. Hell, he seemed like a great catch, potential husband material, good looking devil too. The afternoon of our first "date" he called me from the local police station and asked me to come bond him out. Apparently the night before he'd been picked up DWI and spent the night in the police pokey. He explained that because he refused to take a breathalizer test they automatically arrested him for DWI. He swore he wasn't drunk. Okay, so this was pretty weird I thought but hey, it could happen to anyone.

So against my better judgement I withdrew the cash from my bank account and bonded him out of jail. He did pay me back, driving straight to the bank to get the money before taking me back to his place so he could get showered and ready for the date. We ended up going to a very expensive restaurant where Mr. DWI proceeded to order several bottles of wine and get really trashed. He puked on my dress.



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