2003-03-08 - 2:24 p.m.

There was this one "boy" I dated when I was only 15. (maybe even 14). I just sort of held his hand and walked around the block with him, went to a movie, and kissed him a lot.... For like THREE WEEKS. That was it. No more. Well, his dad was friends with my dad so when I wouldn't date him anymore or call him or anything, he went to see my dad and told him all kinds of things about me that weren't true. My dad gave me a huge lecture about smoking pot and drinking and I was dumbfounded. What a crybaby jerk this boy was to do that to me.

Anyhow, it is like 19 years later right? Just a couple months ago I was eating dinner with my Dad and he tells me, "You know Antonio Jr. is married now. He is very sucessful. He has a wonderful job... and he is very handsome. He told me the two of you were an item once... blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda."

Now, I've heard this speech about Little Antonio Junior at least once every year for the past ten years... apparently he still calls and visits my dad and asks about me and wants to know what I look like and where I am.. and OH MY GOD!!!

Obviously, little boy is still strung out on me somehow to keep in touch with my dad like this, visiting him, talking about me, asking him what I look like, where I am, and who knows what else. So, I finally I had it. I told my Dad, "Daaaaaaaad! I was like fourteen years old! I didn't like him. He was a dork. I was mean to him and I used to hide his bike when he would come to the house! I don't care if he looks like George Clooney now! I moved on with my life. I'm glad he's married, and hooray for his great job and I hope he moves on with his life... I'm not 14 yrs old anymore!" LMAO



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