2003-02-28 - 4:18 p.m.

my worst date seems really tame now. i got duped into going to a movie with this guy in high school (i thought it was supposed to be a study date). he made loud comments in the theater before the movie started about how i must be a 'sex goddess' b/c i was dating a couple of guys at the time...people turned and *stared*. then the movie was 'five corners' with jodie foster--really creepy movie about a girl getting stalked by a violent man. my date guffawed throughout the scene where john turturro clubs penguins to death.

on the way home, he told me that *next* time i could pick the movie. in my 15-year-old reaction to the horror of it all, i slammed the door in his face when we got back to my house.



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