2003-02-27 - 1:18 p.m.

was asked by a friend to go on a double date with a guy she met at a nightclub and his friend. Supposedly his friend had seen me at the nightclub several times and was interested in me and asked to be able to meet me via a double date. I, on the other hand, never noticed his friend, but decided it would be nice to meet him. Was I wrong! Here’s what happened: At the time we are supposed to meet, my friend’s date calls her cell phone to say that his friend is “running late” and is just now on the way to pick him up! They arrive 40 minutes late. My “date’s” first words to me are not, “hello” or “I am sorry for being late.” It’s “I’m wearing shorts!” in a belligerent tone of voice. We go to the movies. I sit next to my “date.” He reeks of body odor. Well, obviously, his lateness is not because he wanted to take a shower and dress up or anything, now is it? The movie is good, but my date makes loud derogatory comments throughout it. He also throws garbage around the theater. At one point he wads up an empty popcorn bag and throws it and hits the back of a person’s chair who is sitting two rows ahead of us. The person turns around and looks but does nothing. (Thank God!) After the movie we go to a local diner. My “date” proceeded to berate me about why I didn’t talk to him during the movie (????). First of all, who talks during a movie? Second of all, his comments were so moronic who would even answer them? Example: In one scene the hero is surfing down a banister on a serving tray. My date commented that the scene is so unrealistic that it would be like “a girl secret agent surfing down a banister on a Today contraceptive sponge.” (I guess this comment could be indicative of how long it’s been since he’s gotten laid, as I believe they stopped manufacturing that product in the early or mid 1990s.) He harasses me about “why don’t I recognize him from the nightclub?” He actually asks me if he’s that ugly that I wouldn’t remember him. I felt like saying, "What's ugliest about you is THE INSIDE!" but I refrained myself. He also gives me a “stalker’s eye view” of myself. It seems he’s seen me plenty of times and described things about me in great detail. He harasses me about a guy he saw me talking to the week before and makes ethnic slurs about the guy. When I inform him that the person is of a different ethnic background than the one he is making fun of, it doesn’t faze him in the least as he seamlessly switches gears to make fun of THAT ethnic group. I inquire as to why he was late and he gets snotty and says something about how 39 minutes is not running late, 2 hours is! My friend gets up and says she has to go to the bathroom. He asked what she was going in there to do, #1 or #2, and when she didn’t answer him, he repeated the question! While she is in the bathroom, the check comes, his friend looks at it, then he looks at it and says, “Mine is only $10!” and slams the check down on the table in front of me. I literally start to shake with anger. Who is this buffoon to waste MY Friday night and then try and pull this crap????? I look him right in the eye, and then I thank him for inviting me out on a date. Then I tell him that I am going to go outside and have a cigarette and wait for them there. I do not look at the check. What a cheap piece of crap. All I had was a cheeseburger. They finally come outside and he loudly confronts me with, “Well, it sure takes you a long time to smoke a cigarette!” He starts in on me with questions like “what’s wrong?” (as if he didn’t know!) and more nasty comments and I finally have enough. I say to him, “____, you’re 32 years old. By this age you should know how to behave on a date, which includes being civilized in public and paying if you were the one who asked for the date. Nobody pulls crap like this on me.” Then he starts arguing with me, accusing his friend of being the “cheap f___” because his friend did not leave the tip and he did. I told him he had better shut up or I would tell every woman I know (and the ones I don't know either!) that frequent that nightclub about him. You should have seen his face then. But of course a rude and nasty person like that cannot stop or apologize or behave like an adult. This happened a long time ago and my friend is still dating his friend. He has nagged her to fix him up with another one of her friends ... HELLO? Does he really think that is going to happen! LOL!



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