2003-02-26 - 7:42 a.m.

Mind if I jump in here? Misery loves company...tee hee.

When I was 17, my then-best-friend set me up with her boyfriend's cousin. We started the date with me finding out he was 10 years older than me, and an alcoholic who had "promised not to drink" for the night. Well, he drank like a fish and the night really sucked. After going dancing and such, my friend and her boyfriend park the car (me and this "winner" are in the back seat) and disappear to go make out. Well, this guy starts lamenting about how his ex-wife doesn't understand him, how he really is a nice guy despite being in prison for killing a guy (yes, I kid you not...evidently he'd just been released)...all the while he's liquored up and slurring and putting his arm around my shoulder and my damn "best friend" is sucking face somewhere in the woods, nowhere to be found. Grrrr...anyway, I guess I got kind of lucky...he went on and on about his troubles and I just listened and said, "Oh really, you poor thing," and prayed like crazy. It all worked out in the end...I never saw him again, and from that day forward my best friend and I drifted separate ways. That was my "experience" with a blind date...needless to say, I swore off of them from that point on!



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