2003-02-24 - 8:49 a.m.

I knew I was on a bad blind date, when:

1.) He was late

2.) Looked like he slept in his clothes

3.) Wasn't remotely good looking (as his personality revealed itself)

4.)Didn't offer to buy me a drink (I had been buying my own as I waited)

5.) Proceeded to loudly tell me a really raunchy joke

6.) Bragged about being a radio-personality (never heard of him)

7.) Convinced me to go to a bar (dive) down the street, since the wait for a table was too long at the nice place (and I didn't want anyone else to witness my humiliation)

8.) Intoduced me to the dive bartender(that he knew) like I was PROOF he dated

9.) Grabbed the appetizer card off the bar and asked "Do you like mussels? Most women don't. Do you know why? Huh? Do you?"

10) Told him "Do not continue with this, or I'm outta here."

11.) He continued anyway "...because they look like a females...."

12.) Got up and said loudly "This date is officially over! You're a PIG!" and exited....stage left!

****I only regret not ordering an expensive entree, first-then, leaving when it got there***********



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