2003-01-23 - 12:20 p.m.

Several years ago I used to chat online and had lots of chat room friends. One day a guy started telling me all the computer things he was looking for. So since he lived in the area where I worked I told him to stop by the store and I could hook him up. Well the next day I was at work and one of the ugliest guys I had ever seen walks in the door. I let Meridith take care of it but he immediately asked for me. Oh Shit. So it turns out this was the guy. I helped him as fast as possible telling him I was horribly busy. When he was ready to go he wanted a hug so I took pity on him. No biggie it was over and I'd never have to see him again. When I got to work the next day there were 2 dozen roses and a teddy bear holding a heart on the counter. I assumed they were for Meridith since I was currently single but no they were from the creepy guy and he even signed the card with Love. From that point forth I avoided him like the plague.

This wasn't supposed to be a date but I guess it qualifies. This is long so bear with me. I had been planning on going to a party in Bristol Tenn. which was about 7 hours away, but I didn't want to drive down alone. Well there was this guy who was a friend of a friend who also wanted to go and was looking for someone to ride with him.

Since I didn't want to drive all that way with someone I had never met before I suggested we meet and go out to dinner first so that we aren't complete strangers for the trip. When I arrived at the restaurant and he had roses for me I should have run screaming. Dinner went well and he was very nice even though I don't usually hang out with men in my age group. I made it very clear to him that I had just gotten out of a relationship and going together was not a date and that he didn't have a chance in hell of getting in my pants. He agreed and we planned the trip.

So I met up with him when he got off work and we started the long drive. He used the entire ride down to tell me about himself and how he just wanted to find a woman and settle down (He was 23) but all women treated him badly or just wanted to be friends. Well after 7 hours of listening to him whine I was so glad to get out of that car. I knew I would never see this man again after this trip.

We got to the hotel and each got a shower. When I got out he had some hooker dress laid out that was see through black mesh with solid fabric covering nipples and pubes. I flatly turned him down and we went to the party. OF course he bought me a rose going in the door (ugh) and was hanging all over me. I solved that quickly by going up to the nearest bouncer and grabbing his ass. I surrounded myself with bouncers until he went away (turning down lots of offers) Only then did I get to chill and have a good time.

Well lots of people were drunk so we went back to the hotel where skinny dipping was pursued by many women. I don't drink nor was I about to run around naked so somehow I was the watchman. Well the guy kept following me around for the longest time. Eventually I went to the hospitality suite and was talking until 2. Turns out he eventually gave up and went back to his room to defrag his laptop. He made one last attempt to get in my pants that night then gave up.

The next morning bright and early he wanted to get out of there and drive back. I fell asleep in the car and woke up to him holding my hand. Well we made it back and moron that I am forgot some shoes in his car so I had to call him the next day. He spent that entire next week asking me to go to another party with him. I told him I wasn't ready to date and wasn't in the mood to go to the party.

Well I did end up going to that party with Jeff,someone I had been thinking about dating. So the next day the I was checking my email from Jeff's pc and had to give someone in chat a message but knew the other guy would be online so I used Jeff's id. Some jackass said hi to me in the room using my regular alias. At that point I had already gotten up from he computer and Jeff had sat down. The other guy asks where is she I don't see her and Jeff promptly tells him that I am with him. The poor guy says that it I'm leaving forever good bye cruel world and logs out.

It doesn't end there. He started calling me and emailing me. He even told me he burned my shoes. He harassed and said I had slept with him and used him for a few weeks then finally gave up. The good thing is I did get him back for the harassment by logging into chat under a different name when he was online and flirting with him. After I had hooked him I'd tell him who I really was LMAO He freaked!!!!!!!!!



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