2003-01-23 - 12:28 p.m.

My best friend and I had allowed another friend to set us both up on a blind date together.

My friend and I arrived to the meeting spot early. It was a local hangout place that we used to go to often. While we were waiting, we laughed and made jokes about three goofy guys playing on the pinball machine. Little did we know, these were our dates and they had got there early just as we did. Why there was three of them on a double blind date I will never fully understand.

My date was the driver, so I sat up front with him. Meanwhile, my friend got sandwiched in the back between the other two...that smoked incessantly.

We finally got to the place where we were all going to hang out. I watched my date (a big guy) go down this hill to get to the front door of the place. I followed. But halfway down this hill, my feet slid out from under my and I went sliding down the rest of the hill on my butt.

So I spent the remainder of the night walking around with mud all over my butt. Not a fun night!



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