2003-01-22 - 7:35 a.m.

OHMIGOD Previous Poster!!!!..you and I went out with the same guy...not kidding...absolutely hilarious...

He must have improved on his whole style of making a woman fall in love with him...b/c it now includes calling the CURRENT boyfriend of the girl and telling him that they are now dating and he and the girl are no longer allowed to talk. After this, he comes by the house uninvited (while no one is home I might add...i think this is now knowwn as B&E) and steals some perfume ("it smells wonderful..i've never smelled anything like it..") and a pair of thong underwear ( I don't even want to go into the depths of psychological damage that connotates). After he takes this..he comes back by later (while the girl is home)..barges into the house...grabs her...wraps her in a sleeping bag...and throws her in the backseat of the car...All the while telling the girl they were meant to be together. He refuses to take the girl home...until said female beats him on the head with her cell phone. Girl goes home...guy shows up next day crying and apologizing...just wanting to be able to "make up for it." He says that he is so sorry for getting upset the night before...and then calls her mother to apologize..said mother then calls the police and has him arrested. Where he then makes up to 20 calls a day to the girl, COLLECT I might add, to convince her of his undying love...

This is the truth also...and he did look JUST LIKE George Costanza...scary, huh? Maybe there is some sort of disease that accompanies George Costanza like features....



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